Maze tuition is a family run tuition service; designed and run by experienced and professional teachers. We have a proven track record of success in the Walsall and Birmingham area.

Our service is founded on an ethos of excellence; the high standards expected of our students are modeled and set, by our highly skilled teachers and staff.

We believe that every child should be given the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their ability level.

With the right teaching support and nurturing environment, we have seen many students reach successes that they, nor their parents thought possible.

Our student’s progress is enhanced and maintained, as a result of our pioneering tutors who not only teach the students, but also work hard to provide positive reinforcements and encouragement, which in turn raises self esteem and confidence in the individuals.

The tuition we provide is of a high quality, that complements school work. We actively teach students using various resources and approaches. We do not get computers to teach our students or ask them to fill in numerous worksheets with no support from their teacher.

Students who receive tuition from us gain confidence and self belief. This renewed positive mentality makes for happy and high achieving individuals.

Our tuition service gets results, the students we have tutored go on to have many successes. They win places at the countries’ top universities, they gain places at Grammar Schools and they pass their exams.

Meet The Team…

Myia Khela BSc.,PGDipEd Head Tutor and Center Owner

Maze Tuition was born out of my wish to provide education to all children, regardless of their ability, previous experiences with learning or tuition, behaviours or backgrounds.

On seeing the wonderful opportunities that education can provide in my life; my goal has been to help our students to see that learning can be a gateway to their dreams and not something to be dreaded or afraid of.

Over the years I have developed lessons and programmes of learning that allow children to reach their full potential and don’t cap them based on their ability. What can they do well and how can we channel that into their education is something we consider daily.

I have also worked hard to assemble a team that I am immensely proud of and confident will help your child to reach their highest goals, enjoying learning and leaving us as self-assured individuals that have the knowledge and skills to go on to achieve success in their chosen field.

Champa Khela BEd (Hons), BPhil (Hons), QTS

Mrs Khela has over 35 years of experience in the education sector. In her most recent role as a special educational needs advisory teacher, she has achieved the highest levels of skills and knowledge of children with SEN.

She has also taught in the classroom for many years, providing her with a rich background of teaching techniques and knowledge of the most advanced educational practices, so you can be assured that your children are benefiting from the highest level of teaching input.

Asha Khela BA hons 

Asha is one of our graduate tutors whose infectious enthusiasm for learning makes every lesson with her students fun. Her subject knowledge and teaching style is hard to match and her students are fully engaged in the lessons, hardly noticing that they’re learning maths and English skills at all, which means the subjects are embedded so deeply that they are able to recall what they have learnt when sitting tests and taking those all-important examinations.

Karys Bowen BSc Hons, MSc

Karys is an invaluable member of our team, supporting lessons ensuring that every child has that 121 attention and doesn’t get lost or left behind. She also teaches students on a 121 basis, with a warm and reassuring manner that makes every child feel like they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Karys also manages our social media platforms, making sure that our students and their parents are kept up to date with our most recent achievements, offers and services.

Hannah Bevan BA, PGCE, QTS

Hannah is one of our qualified primary teachers who teaches our KS1 and 2 groups as well as 11plus students. She has a wealth of experience of working with children of all abilities and leads fun, fast paced lessons that involve every child and encourages them to progress and grow each and every week.

Tajinder Gill PGDipEd, QTS, BSc Hons

Tajinder is one of our qualified maths teachers who enthuses his students with his tireless passion and excitement for the subject. Even the most averse to maths can’t help loving it by the time his lessons have finished. His kind and patient approach to his students helps them to overcome fears of the subject and gain confidence and skills for life.

Sapy Birring MA, QTS

Sapy is an English specialist who delivers the most inspiring lessons to her pupils. She adapts to their needs carefully and ensures that they take pride in their work. Sapy’s love for English is contagious and she is determined to help her students learn to express themselves to the best of their ability so that they can acquire the skills necessary for a successful and confident future.

Ryan Gaur MPhys

Ryan is a highly skilled academic with knowledge of science and maths and holds a masters in astrophysics. His knowledge is akin to that of the most esteemed professor, and his passion for his subjects ensures his students are engaged and immersed in their learning, so that they take away the skills they need to achieve the highest examination results possible.

Anisha Bhatti BSc.

Anisha is another of our highly qualified maths tutors. Her degree in maths gives her the deepest understanding of the subject, which then enables her to transfer to her students.

It’s one thing to learn the facts, but understanding them enough to use and apply them to tests and exams is another. Rest assured that Anisha will provide your child with the level of understanding that will lead them to the highest grades.

Claire O’ Grady QTS, MSc, BSc (hons)

Claire is a qualified science teacher who thrives on helping her students understand the sometimes complicated concepts involved in scientific study. Her vibrant personality makes her students feel excited to approach parts of the subject that they have previously found daunting and inaccessible. Taking the most innovative approaches to her lessons she makes it her mission that all her students leave their lessons feeling confident and secure in their new skills. Target grades and examination passes are all a breeze after lessons with Claire.