How growing class sizes in England may affect your child.

England is well known for having an education system admired worldwide yet many British parents are now fearing the effects that budget cuts and growing class sizes are having on their child’s school experience.

Most schools are doing a fantastic job of managing the changing conditions and it is clear that children are receiving high quality teaching with great outcomes for their students.

In some cases however, the growing class sizes can affect children negatively as the class teacher’s ability to provide individual support to your child lessens. Children who are quiet, struggling to keep up or even those who are gifted and talented can be left behind as they don’t demand the class teacher’s attention and fall under their radar.

As the education system places more and more pressure of children to succeed and pass assessments/test and screenings right from the age of 5 how can you make sure your child reaches their full potential?

Learning at home a wonderful way to support your child’s learning and I know many parents use Twinkl as it has some great worksheets that can be printed and used at home.

Many children are also given log in details for online learning platforms such as Education City, which their school have subscribed to. These are fun and appealing ways to draw your child to do some extra study.

Then there is the option to send your child to a private tutor. Tutors and tuition centres can provide an excellent way to boost your child’s progress in an enjoyable and individualised setting.

Always look for a small group setting of no more than 10 children per teacher to maximise your child’s opportunities for one to one support in a group setting. At Maze we keep a very low ratio of one teacher to every 6 children in our classes in order to ensure we can provide maximum opportunities for one to one teaching support in our groups.

This way children can ask as many question as they need to, they can have teaching sequences repeated to them where necessary and teaching approaches can be adapted to individual learning styles too.

With any approach progress should be measured and if you feel that your child’s knowledge and skills aren’t improving then always change the approach as there’s sure to be something great out there to suit your child.