How to help your child prepare for their 11+ exams.

With a few months to go before the 11+ exams…

  • Ensure that your child has as much exposure to the ‘real’  11 plus examination setting as possible. The best and most popular way of doing this is to enrol them for Mock Examinations- at Maze Tuition we offer these exams four times a year at our learning hub in Walsall, our next one is on 14.7.18, give us a call to sign up on – 07545864131.


  • Mock Examinations will provide students with the opportunity to experience what it will be like to sit a ‘real’ exam, as many children of this age will have never experienced such a formalised and strict exam setting. Many students find this an extremely intimidating part of the 11 plus process and even the most capable, bright children can be so uncomfortable with this foreign situation that it has a severely adverse effect to their 11 plus exam scores.


  • To help to ensure that your child has had many of their nerves settled and worries eased, sending them to a mock exam designed by experienced tutors can really boost confidence. Maze students have previously reported that by the time they came to sit the ‘real’ exams they weren’t that nervous as they ‘knew what to expect’ and much of it was very ‘much like the mocks’ that they had previously sat.


  • There are a range of private tuition providers who will offer 11 plus mock exams so you should be able to find one in your local area. Maze Tuition’s 11 plus mock exams are suitable for those children taking the; Birmingham, Walsall and Wolverhampton Consortium examinations. Most good tuition providers will also provide an exam report of your child’s scores, strengths, weaknesses and how to help them to meet their targets between now and the 11 plus exam. I would strongly advise taking advantage of this, as this will help you as parents to take ownership over your child’s 11 plus preparation and to help to tailor any revision that your child does, to their specific needs.


  • If your child has a tutor, make sure that they have a copy of this report and are making changes to your child’s tuition programme as a result. There really is no use in teaching copious amounts of maths, so near to the exam if the child is scoring really low in Non Verbal Reasoning or Verbal Reasoning. However, many parents experience such time-wasting activities and only realise later (sometimes after the exams have passed) that this was going on.