Online Tuition- is it suitable for my child and how does it work?

Online Tuition is a fantastic way for you to access high quality tutors and teachers nationwide. Internationally, this method of teaching has become extremely popular, as students move across the world yet still require a high quality education from experienced teachers, who are trained in the British school system.


It also means that you’re not limited to only choosing tutors who operate in your local area. Many parents wish to have their child tutored by a top tutor, but just can’t make the long journeys each week to see them in person. Online tuition therefore removes all barriers between your child and the best tutors in Britain.


For those living in Britain this method of teaching is now growing in popularity due to the benefits for pupils and parents alike. Just imagine the extra time you could gain by not having to drop off and pick up your child from the tuition venue! Getting your evenings back is just one benefit. Another is that parents are able to be present throughout the lessons, making you fully aware of the content and quality of teaching that your child is receiving at all times. This can also settle nervous learners who prefer to have a parent present.


Speaking of nervous students or those who haven’t had a tutor before and may be apprehensive of a group setting; online tuition provides your child with 1-2-1 tuition in the comfort of their own home. What could be better than being able to learn in familiar surroundings?


Online Tuition is face to face contact with a student and so there is ample opportunity to develop good relationships between tutors and students. As a tutor I have found it essential to provide emotional support to my GCSE and 11Plus students, helping them with grounding techniques and visualisations tools, which help to ensure that they are in the best place to put all the skills and knowledge I have taught into practise on the day!


It’s also important to get to know each individual pupil’s learning styles, so that you can draw diagrams for visual learners, use more talk for writing with auditory learners and develop kinaesthetic learning resources for those who learn best in this way.


So who is suitable for online tuition? I’d recommend that students should be year 5 or above, as this form of tuition does require learners to have a certain level of independence and focus. For me it has worked particularly well with 11Plus, GCSE, A-level and adult learners resulting in fantastic outcomes from passing exams to gaining places at universities.

So why not try online tuition today? Most tutors offer the first lesson for free or at a discounted rate, so what’s to lose?!